There is a tremendous growth in development or active adult communities nationally and regionally as referenced in detail in the Report on the Boom in Active Adult Development in Virginia.

Assisted Living

Senior Living
Assisted Living Development

  • A residential and multifamily builder was considering senior living and initially engaged Senior Consulting to complete three senior living feasibility studies within an extended area and three distinct service areas.
  • Conclusions were positive in two markets, so the client proceeded to contract to purchase a site for a memory care development in one town and an assisted living and independent living site in another very high income demographic community that is typically anti-development.
  • With HUD identified as a funding source, Consulting conduct a RFQ/FRP for HUD Brokers, as well as an Assisted Living Operators, Architects and a Senior Living Builder. All were selected within several months, although later it was decided to proceed with another funding source.
  • Design was completed on an approximately 100 unit Assisted Living/Memory Care combination in a multilevel, high-end facility with multiple neighborhoods approach in the design, and applications made for a 200 plus unit site to include approximately 100 units of Assisted Livingand 100 units of Independent Living, a common senior living development model. Within 16 months from the inception of an idea, all approvals were received and with a few months thereafter, construction begins.
  • Based on the foregoing, the developer requested Senior Consulting to conduct five other studies in a two county region and is currently considering multiple Assisted Living and Memory Care facilities.