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Senior Living
Intergenerational Services

Senior Consulting’s Principal is the co-founder of a non-profit organization, Preventive Aging Center, Inc., which was originally organized in 1993 to provide healthcare screenings and a variety of other services to senior centers, senior housing and other senior/elderly organizations within nearby communities. Very often a skilled nursing operator would use the services of Preventive Aging to both give back to the community and promote and market their Skilled Nursing Facility, much like hospital systems offer wellness programs.

Soon after organizing Preventive Aging, our team realized there was a tremendous gap in the ability of skilled nursing facilities to be able to provide a broad range of enlightening activities for their residents. While many nursing homes have programs to interact with the community, we also realized that these activities and programs fell far short of addressing the emotional needs of nursing home residents.

By mid-1995, we had established nearly 20 Interagenerational Programs that focused on different age groups, interacting with nursing home resident and, to a lesser degree of Assisted Living and Independent Living residents as well as elderly homeowners. These programs include the following:

  • Senior mentoring programs for teenagers and young adults
  • Clubs, including chess, dominoes and other games
  • “Adopt a Grandparent” program for elderly residents that have family far away or no family at all
  • Preschool/Senior Companion Program – a unique program that matches preschool children with nursing home residents, primarily Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. With this program we are able to engage local child care centers that have their own transportation, as well as the support of child care providers and parents, to be able to offer over 15 separate activities between the children and the nursing home residents. Directors of Nursing have seen defined and cognitive improvement in residents that participate regularly in the program.

We offer all facilities a free, no strings attached access to our Preschool/Senior Companion Program. In addition, we can review existing activities and programs, as well as promote a program conducted by a Skilled Nursing Facility if we are provided the information electronically in a Word document. From there we will make suggestions and recommendation on how to improve these offerings, as well as offer low (or no cost) programs to enhance the lives of skilled nursing residents.