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Senior Living
Developer Services

Senior Consulting and its team of senior living and assisted living consultants are available for all tasks (and many more) below or can provide a single senior living consulting service. These services are typically after completion of a market and feasibility analysis on many senior living options or a specific analysis such as an Assisted Living Feasibility Study that usually includes Memory Care.

  • Site Identification – Senior Consulting’s research includes the selected areas identified by you or in conjunction with us after the market analysis, approaching owners directly or realtors based on an understanding of raw land versus a fully approved site for the targeted senior living project.  Following our research, Senior Consulting would present you with suggested properties that may have potential for negotiations.
  • Site Negotiation –As your in-house senior living expert, we can help structure an agreement without appropriate leverage and terms with property sellers.
  • Zoning and Planning Assessments – Senior Living can pinpoint areas of existing zoning, assist in defining density in planning with senior living architects and engineers and appear as an expert witness at planning and zoning board approvals.
  • Site Approvals –Often a grueling task, having a senior living developer on your team that will work with your professions in obtaining local and state approvals needed for your senior living project or major additions to an existing site magnifies the opportunity for succes.  We are often asked to coordinate obtaining approvals with a local developer.
  • Design Management –We can also work closely with the architect and engineers to save a senior living developer substantial funds in maintaining a timeline from conceptual plan to final building plans and specifications.Senior Consulting professionals, as members of the design team, develop a timeline for all the team professionals and monitor those team members’ responsibilities on behalf of developers. We also get required input from state and local officials and track all approvals.  Our Senior Living Developers work to keep things on track, thus saving your money and time!
  • Selected Architects, Engineers and Contractors –We often conduct an RFQ/RFP Process to select an assisted living architect and other team members.   Our database of major contractors and architects experienced in senior living construction and design is used to develop a customized list to find the best suited professionals for a particular senior living project, from a Memory Care Facility to Independent Living.With your input, we prepare the RFQ/RFP to meet and exceed expectations, and we can coordinate the process of analyzing the proposals.  We also make recommendations to you on what we believe is the best senior living architect or builder.
  • Construction Management Support. Because various engineers, architects and your contractors are involved, communication shortfalls can sometimes slow approvals orconstruction.  One month can cost $100,000 in interest charges on a $12,000,000 memory care development project alone!  The Project Architect is often the only professionals in leading the construction, but conflicts of understanding between the engineering disciplines or between the Contractor and Architect can lead to an owner having to resolve an issue and construction slowdowns. We can help!

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