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Prime Solar

Senior Consulting is affiliated with Prime Solar, LLC, a company with a network of representatives and installers nationwide. With advancements in solar panel technology and lower prices, solar will be a great investment in the near future without federal tax rebates or in many cases, state or sometimes utility programs. At this time, solar is truly a great investment with a ROI of ten years or less in almost a third of the US.

A Purchase Power Agreement or Lease is often available where the system on a Senior Living project is owned by a third party and the Senior Living Operator receives a guaranteed and substantially reduced fixed payment for its electric bill for 10-15 years or more. All maintenance is the responsibility of the system owner, not the lessee like an Assisted Living Owner.

For commercial, utility grade and senior living operations, we utilize our network to competitively bid labor and materials, much like the RFQ/RFP Process we conduct for a Senior Living Developer. The results are the best pricing and value.

Ask us for more information about Solar and Energy Conservation for your senior living property.