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Independent Living Facilities

There are different types of Independent Living facilities. Independent Living varies differently than senior housing in that independent living facilities provide at least one meal per day, some times up to three meals per day.  Additionally, Independent Living Facilities provide added services including recreation, activities, transportation or optional and typically, third party care services.  Independent Living facilities will typically have much more common areas and amenities than Senior Housing.  Independent Livingamenities can include wellness centers, spas, pools, exercise facilities, libraries and more.

While many Independent Living projects are developed with Assisted  Living within a single building that includes Independent Living, more often there is in a separate Assisted Living and/or Memory Care facility on the campus. Many more projects that have been developed within the last 10-15 years incorporate Assisted  Living in different forms.

Sometimes, Independent Living Operators will obtain Assisted Living licensing and offer services in a building designed originally for Independent Living and offer both Independent Living and Assisted  Living in the same building, let alone commingled. While we see this operating model fairly regularly, we almost always see a lower occupancy rate for what we call a hybrid Independent  Living/Assisted  Living operation than competitors that were designed as Assisted  Living only. Notwithstanding, these types of facilities do typically have higher occupancy rates than facilities that only offer Independent  Living only so this is a good opportunity worthy of a senior living market analysis for Independent Living Facilities that have lower occupancy rates.

A Continuing Care Retirement Community is also a form of Independent Living. It is not a rental model but an entry fee model as further referenced separately within our website.

Contact Us for more information or if you need help with any aspects of Independent  Living operations or are considering developing an Independent  Living facility.

We are actively seeking the right partner(s) to consider a substantial platform for development, preferably in the Southeast Senior Housing Plan, but will also consider a Western Senior Housing Plan with the right partner(s).